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Collage Artists of America exhibit, “Jus

About EP (Elaine Piechowski) 

Elaine Piechowski grew up in southern California. She holds Masters degrees in creative writing and English literature from Loyola Marymount University and lower degrees in art and child development.  A professional in the book publishing industry, she maintains a fierce commitment to her painting and often combines painting and creative writing. 

Creating multi-media artwork inspired by recollections of childhood has been a focus of mine for several years. The American Childscape series explores how story and creative play shape who we become.  

American Childscape toggles between art and poetry and often requests the viewer's interaction. She blends mediums and disciplines to articulate something new and yet familiar. The process to create the work involves the re-collection of important cultural milestones, memories, sensibilities and events. Recollections are paired with tangible remnants of childhood and assembled in ways that children create, with scissors,  glue, paint, chalk, found objects, toys, and words.

She currently lives in Venice, CA with her husband, daughter and big fluffy cat Oliver.

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